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About Feldman Law Offices, LLC


The primary mission of Feldman Law Offices, LLC is to provide its clients with excellent customer service and expertise in the areas of real estate transactions. The firm handles commercial and residential real estate closings almost exclusively. As such, it’s employees are specifically trained in the intricacies of real estate closings.


Feldman Law Offices was founded in April 2002 by Ava S.Feldman. However, Larry Feldman is and has been the sole proprietor since 2009. The firm was established to focus on real estate transactions for local lenders including refinances, second mortgages and equity lines of credit. Our present clientele involves a broad spectrum of mortgage brokers, real estate professionals and lenders in the Greater Atlanta area.


Our office is staffed with seasoned professionals in the area of real estate law. We strive to provide our clients with the most professional personable and efficient legal services at affordable prices. The firm’s attorneys have many years experience in varied areas of residential real estate.



This site is designed to provide you with information concerning both the process and certain requirements for closing a transaction in Georgia. The information contained herein is general in nature and is not intended to provide answers to your specific contract or procedure questions. We encourage you to contact a real estate attorney for advice as to specific issues or concerns that you may have.